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1-1.A.2 does not control finished products specially designed for a specific application. This Guide, at time of publication, encompasses the list of items enumerated on theECLthat are controlled for export in accordance with section 3 of the. TheEIPAcan be found at the Department of Justice website. Free roads had high costs. “With full Road Pricing, transportation would have shifted to mass transit and other modes such as trains and airplanes.

The group wants to know the number of necessary passages most travelers need in a given week to get a sense of how the plan could fall into place. The only tollway project untainted by controversy is a proposed segment of California 125 near the Mexican border in San Diego County. It may provide the last chance to prove that a privately owned toll road can work in California.


The Dulles Greenway, outside of Washington, only attracted one-third of its expected daily volume. Even after a toll reduction of forty percent, the Greenway still was only able to achieve two-thirds of its originally forecast volume. UT civil engineering professor and a group of graduate students are trying to solve Austin’s chronic traffic problems.

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99.9% of vehicles captured electronically; 90% overall. Starting in January, 1998, 2-person carpools have been allowed to use the 3+ HOV lane of the Katy Freeway in Houston, atc coin rate Texas for a $2 per trip fee, under the “QuickRide” program. Tolls are collected electronically. Single-occupant vehicles are not allowed to use the HOV lane.

London Congestion Pricing (; Richards,

The point is that these differences should be considered when evaluating and selecting pricing options. A variation of road pricing is to ration peak period vehicle-trips or vehicle-miles using a revenue-neutral credit-based system. For example, each resident in a region could receive credits for 100 peak-period vehicle-miles each or $20 worth of congestion fees each month . Residents can use the credits themselves, or trade or sell them to somebody else. The result is a form of congestion pricing in which the benefits are captured by residents rather than road owners or governments.

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An electronic system bills users as they pass a point in the road system. High Occupancy Toll lanes are High Occupancy Vehicle lanes that also allow use by a limited number of low occupancy vehicles if they pay a toll. It is a type of Managed Lane . This allows more vehicles to use HOV lanes while maintaining an incentive for mode shifting, and raises revenue.

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‘Technical data’ may take forms such as blueprints, plans, diagrams, models, formulae, tables, engineering designs and specifications, manuals and instructions written or recorded on other media or devices such as disk, tape, read-only memories. “Basic gate propagation delay time” is not to be confused with the input/output delay time of a complex “monolithic integrated circuit”. Includes mobile systems incorporating or employing accessories or components manufactured from non-metallic or non-electrical conductive materials, such as plastics or epoxy-impregnated materials.

Notes 1 and 2 in 1-3.A. Mean that 1-3.A.1.b.2. Does not apply to MMICs if they are specially designed for other applications, e.g., telecommunications, radar, automobiles.

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Sputter Deposition is an overlay coating process based on a momentum transfer phenomenon, wherein positive ions are accelerated by an electric field towards the surface of a target . The kinetic energy of the impacting ions is sufficient to cause target surface atoms to be released and deposited on an appropriately positioned substrate. The introduction of reactive species, evaporation of solids within the process chamber, and the use of monitors to provide in-process measurement of optical characteristics and thicknesses of coatings are ordinary modifications of the process.

8.A. Systems, Equipment and Components

Does not apply to ‘inertial measurement equipment or systems’ which are certified for use on “civil aircraft” by civil aviation authorities of one or more Wassenaar Arrangement Participating State. “Technology” according to the General Technology Note for the “development” of equipment, materials or “software” specified by 1-6.A., 1-6.B., 1-6.C. “Software” specially designed for the “use” of equipment specified by 1-6.A.2.b., 1-6.A.8.

It is therefore important for the sake of overall transportation system efficiency that HOT facilities be managed to favor HOV performance. “Laser” systems, specially designed to cause permanent blindness to unenhanced vision, i.e., to the naked eye or to the eye with corrective eyesight devices. Does not apply to equipment specially designed for training in the use of hunting or sporting weapons. ‘Reactive materials’ are designed to produce an exothermic reaction only at high shear rates and for use as liners or casings in warheads. Does not apply to civil vehicles designed or modified for transporting money or valuables.

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When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures.

Does not apply to television or video cameras, specially designed for television broadcasting. 1-6.A.2.d.3. Does not apply to encapsulated optical sensing fibres specially designed for bore hole sensing applications. 1-5.A.1.a.2, 1-5.A.1.a.3. And 1-5.A.1.a.4. Do not apply to equipment designed or modified for use on board satellites.

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And 1-7.A.1.a.2. Do not apply to accelerometers limited to measurement of only vibration or shock. 1-6.C.5.b.1.

  • If we tolled our roads, instead of funding them through gasoline taxes, property taxes and general government revenues, we’d have fewer but better-maintained roads, we’d have fewer two-car families and we’d tend to drive our one car far more economically.
  • ‘Active noise reduction or cancellation systems’ incorporate electronic control systems capable of actively reducing equipment vibration by the generation of anti-noise or anti-vibration signals directly to the source.
  • It may provide the last chance to prove that a privately owned toll road can work in California.
  • Includes vehicles specially designed or modified for the delivery of divers.
  • A variety of Pricing Methods can be used to collect fees, as summarized in Table 5.

For electronic imaging systems specially designed or modified for underwater use incorporating image intensifier tubes specified by 1-6.A.2.a.2.a. Or 1-6.A.2.a.2.b., see 1-6.A.3.b.3. “Software” specially designed or modified for the “development” or “production” of equipment specified by 1-7.A. Does not apply to systems specially designed for installation on surface vessels or systems requiring acoustic beacons or buoys to provide positioning data.

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